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Do Math Homework.

In construction contracts, the issue of assignment often arises in looking at whether collateral warranties granted to parties outside of the main construction contract can be assigned. The developer may assign such rights to the purchaser either during or after completion of the construction phase. Contractual assignment provisions Many contracts exclude or qualify the right to assignment, and the courts have confirmed that a clause which provides that a party to a contract may not assign the benefit of that contract without the consent of the other party is legally effective and will extend to all rights and benefits arising under the contract, including the right to any remedies.

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So if the new base school is the same as the old base school, then no problem-o. Putting place ahead of base is "absolutely logical," as board member Susan Evans said, because to do the opposite — kick some students out so newly assigned students can take their place — would make an awful lot of parents most unhappy.

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